5 Outstanding Reason Why The House Show is not free !!!

 5 Outstanding Reason Why The House Show is not free !!!

Nigeria is blessed with the gift of " House Of Intellects " and as such the Love should be extended across all states and Regions in Nigeria.

As we all know, nothing good really comes through free. and every good and smooth working " Show" that's entitled to raising a future and securing an earns meet for the future of All Nigerians..

So, I believe we should by now understand the Reasons Why The HOUSE SHOW Is not free"  and should not be free.

We are actually working on giving every participant a smooth and enjoyable stay in the house.

1. Your Payment covers a fraction for Your  Audition Kits.

2. Your Payment is more than a proof to confirm the authenticity of " HOUSE OF INTELLECTS"

3. Your payment gives you a halfway into the Spotlight.

4. Your Payment is a sure Ticket to improving on your Mental capacity, And IQ Level.

5. Your Payment is for your own consumption and not the brand.